Fish farming within the project

Author: Petr Hanzlík, Published: Sept. 23, 2022, 12:07 p.m.

One of the project’s objectives is to protect fishpond ecosystems. This requires finding a harmony between the object of protection in the area and fisheries management. Fish are a natural part of the aquatic environment and play an irreplaceable role. ENKI, o.p.s. tries to use disappearing or even endangered fish species for so-called bio-manipulation measures.

In this project, we manage in different geographic regions. When designing the fish stocking, we take into account the native species present in the catchment, the constraints resulting from the object of protection, the fertility (potential overgrowth of unwanted vegetation). The proposed stocking is then consulted with the relevant authority of the Protected Landscape Area or AOPK.

In the past season, we focused on the development of individual communities (plants, amphibians, insects, fish...) under conditions of minimal, extensive management at almost all sites. Next year we will adjust the stocking in accordance with the results obtained in the first year of the project.

This year (2022), together with FROV, we succeeded in artificially spawning crucian carp. We obtained approximately 0.5 million bagged fry. The reared fish will be tested for genetic purity. In case of good results, these fish will be stocked into the Vizir NPP to replace the missing carp stock. Another species we are dealing with in our project is the common sunfish. This once abundant fish should replace the invasive Eastern Sunfish in our managed ponds. Our aim is to find a rearing system for juvenile common candace in polyculture with the common minnow. The fry of common sunfish is obtained by summer netting. This autumn we would like to catch a generational brook trout brood, which should ensure the return of this interesting species to the ponds in the Brdy protected area. Unfortunately, we have so far been unsuccessful in breeding the gudgeon. We will also pay considerable attention to this species in the coming years.