Photogallery: pond Ledvinka (zooplankton)

Here you can find 2 types of photos. From each sample we create a panoramic microscope image consisting of 3 to 5 images. With such a photo we try to convey, albeit subjectively, the structure of the zooplankton that most closely matches the nature of the sample on the particular sampling date. In other words, the panoramic photograph can be used to infer whether the zooplankton structure is fine, medium or coarse. Each photograph will be described separately. Panoramic photographs are taken at 4 times magnification of the objects. The second type of images are of specific species of zooplankton. The aim of such photographs is to show the diversity of microscopic life beneath the surface of ponds. Photographs of species are usually taken at 10 or 4 times magnification. A scale is added to each photograph to give a better idea of the size of the organisms.